"Me biased crazy ex. RAR."

Ashley is a student at Moperville North and recently went on a date with Elliot.

She is obviously of Asian descent, but she's from California,[3] her family has been in America for generations, she only speaks English[4] and she's not a magical martial artist... in short, she's almost the exact opposite of Nanase. She doesn't like it when people are using Asian stereotypes on her.

She dislikes labels and prefers not to be identified as "a bisexual Asian ballerina soccer player gamer girl", but "a person who is a citizen of the United States with ancestors from Asia who dances ballet, plays soccer and video games, whose sex is female, and can find men and women attractive."[5]



Ashley first appeared in El Goonish Shive in the Identity storyline, as someone who watched Elliot and Susan's review show. She noted that the breakup of Elliot and Sarah meant that Elliot was available, but tried to downplay this observation.[6]

She next appeared as a student to whom Elliot returned a dropped phone.[7] This would have been unremarkable had he not done a wall run to get around a crowd in order to give it to her. This second appearance in a relatively short time (these two appearances are in different circumstances, but are only 6 pages apart) established her as a possible candidate for a recurring character.

Ashley appeared as one of the shocked bystanders when Catalina kissed Elliot by surprise,[8] and her comment on it helped steering the rumour mill away from the issue of his sexual orientation.[9]

She next appeared in a classroom where Tom was talking to Susan. She appeared miffed at this occurrence, but it was at the time unclear why.[10]

Later, she accidentally witnessed Elliot mid-transformation[11] and covered for him while he changed back. She then explaind to him about Tom and how she was afraid he would manipulate Susan, which prompted the two of them to go talk to Susan. Before they got to the cafeteria, Ashley told Elliot that she was attracted to him and Elliot asked her out, which she accepted.[12]

It turned out that Susan had already figured out Tom's manipulative nature. Ashley felt ashamed for having been played with for so long back when she dated Tom, but Susan told her not to be. Elliot later explained to Susan, Ted and Sarah how he met Ashley earlier.[13]

They decided on the time[14] and place for date later,[15] partially off-panel.

Pandoras BoxEdit

"So A Date At The Mall" focuses on Ashley's date with Elliot at the mall food court,[16] bookshop[17] and dressing rooms.[18]

Of course, after Dame Tara shown up,[19] it ended very similar[20] to the kind of dates Ellen and Nanase usually have.[21] (And considering they show up as well, it ended as double date. Triple date.[22] Quadruple date[23] - oh wait their not kissing. Oh, Rhoda and Catalina shown up.[18])


Liz Edit

Liz seems to be Ashley's close friend. Ashley talks with her about everything and Liz actually cares about her, even when she's not showing it.

Susan Edit

Ashley finds Susan "So cool" after Susan stood up for her.[24]

Tom Edit

She spent two months dating Tom before she realized he's a deceptive jerk.[25] After she realized how manipulative he was, she got as far away from him as possible. She still harbors ill feelings toward him.

Elliot Edit

Soon after first contact with him, Ashley managed to arrange date with Elliot, which surprised everyone (including Ashley and Elliot). The rest of the main cast considers her to be a nice person and, having no reason to be otherwise, are all on friendly terms with her.

Even before the date, she found that Elliot can transform. On date itself, Elliot not only shown her more transformation, but blurt few more secrets and then shown her he's Cheerleadra.[26] All in all, she is accidentally getting into more and more of main cast secrets.

The date technically still didn't finish, so Ashley is currently on her first date with Elliot.

Ashley's first date with Elliot is her second first date "that wasn't over the Internet" (her first such date probably being with Tom). She also had one first date with an unknown girl OVER the Internet.[27]

Diane Edit

Ashley has met Diane and now knows that Diane is Susan's sister.[28]


"Me biased crazy ex. RAR."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2014-01-08
"I'm from California!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2015-04-06


Bisexuality Edit

Before the question of Ashley's sexuality was answered in canon,[5] both Tedd[29] and readers speculated about it, especially after the internet date with girl.[30] Dan sort-of confirmed it.[31]

Hair color Edit

Ashley appeared when the comic was in grayscale, didn't featured in Squirrel Prophet storyline, which was in color, and when her storyline started the comic was back in grayscale.

She was in color in several sketchbooks[32], but her only canon color appearance - in "flashback panel" in Squirrel Prophet - is easy to miss.[1]

Dan not being sure about her hair color[33] and later using different highlights[34] might mean her hair color is not entirely canon.


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