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Tedd explains why he wears glasses.

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Tedd's house

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TeddSo Grace--
GraceWhy do you wear glasses?
TeddHuh? People wear them to correct vision problems…
GraceThat’s not what I meant and you know it. You obviously don’t need them to see, so why do you wear them? And don’t they actually mess up your vision if you don’t need them?
Tedd…No, my glasses are special. But as for why I wear them, you might of noticed I don’t exactly look very masculine…
Tedd(off screen) Back in elementary school I got picked on a lot for looking like a girl…
Tedd(off screen) …But then I came across some special glasses my dad made; they made me look more like a boy and the bullies became powerless against me!
back to present
TeddWell, no, they still picked on me… but I felt better about looking in the mirror at least…

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