Dad's Government Business, or more exactly the acronym DGB, is a name Edward Verres uses to tell his son that something is part of the classified work he's doing for government.[1]

The real name and structure of the agency is never specified in story, but Edward is mentioned to be head of paranormal division[2] up to the end of Sister II (then "promoted" to head of paranormal diplomacy) and the other agents claims to work for FBI[3] and Mrs. Kitsune mentions Edward works for FBI[4], so it is most probably paranormal division of FBI.

It is also not confirmed if it operates just in Moperville, in whole US or something between. It is apparently in charge of protecting Uryuoms, stopping genetic experimentation aimed at making super soldiers, and dealing with supernatural threats in the area. They are also responsible for hiding magical activity in general from the general public. Magic wands are standard issue for all agents, hold standard preset spells and can be used offensively when dealing with magical threats.[5] After New and Old Flames, the agency shifted from hiding magic in general to suppressing the knowledge of the accessibility of magic from the public: the new head of division, Arthur J. Arthur, comments that the media coverage of the event was too big to cover, so they need to adapt.[6]

Employees Edit

Known Employees:

References Edit

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