Diane, also known as Mongoose during Identity, is Adrian Raven's separated daughter and a distant relative of Susan.[2] She studies at Moperville South and seems to be focused mainly on her appearance and popularity. She has frequently tried to get Nanase to sit with her and her friends, Lucy and Rhoda. All of her attempts have failed, and in light of Nanase being publicly out of the closet, she may have ceased trying. She appears much kinder than Nanase gives her credit for. She also seems to be good at deductive reasoning, surmising that Ellen and Grace were new to the school simply by noticing them and their movements.[3]

Another difference about Diane and Susan is that Susan is a big nerd. Diane is AFRAID of becoming a nerd.[4]

History Edit

Gold digging phase Edit

When Diane first appeared, her focus on appearance and popularity included manipulating boys into spending money on her.[5][6] Recently she seems to have outgrown that,[7] commenting that she doesn't want Elliot just to buy her nice things but for a real relationship[8] - although it surprised her as well.

Relationship Edit

Susan Edit

For long time, it was heavily hinted and even directly said by Jerry[9] and widely believed by both readers and characters[10][11] that Susan is Diane's twin sister. They were looking as identical twins until Susan awakened[12], but they dress differently and Diane doesn't dye her hair. After Susan's awakening, Susan's natural hair color changed from blonde to the dark blue color she had been dyeing it and she grew three inches taller than Diane.

Edward Verres mentions that the hospital records indicate that Susan and Diane are not twins,[13] but that they are plausibly half-sisters by different mothers, given Susan's father's penchant for infidelity.[14]

Diane is 20 minutes older than Susan: she was born 31 December at 23:50, while Susan was born 1st January at 0:10. Diane is adopted and knows it.

Another difference about Diane and Susan is that where Susan is a proud Star Trek nerd, Diane considers "nerd" an insult.[4]

Note: While Diane is sure about it,[10] no one tried to tell Susan[15] except the initial rejected attempt.[16]

Dame Tara's statement about Diane being a potential vampire hunter[17] probably means she has same natural talent for summoning that Susan has, again confirming their kinship. Both have been targeted by vampires because of their vampire-hunting potential.

Pandora Raven later revealed that they ARE related, but not closely: Diane is daughter of Adrian Raven, while Susan is more distant descendant, making Susan Diane's great-grand-aunt or possibly more greats.[2]

Adrian Raven Edit

Adrian Raven is Diane's father, as said by Pandora.[2]

Elliot Edit

Diane decided she wanted Elliot to be a temporary boyfriend who buys her things when she overheard Nanase and Sarah talking about him. As she gets to know him and his crowd, her initial superficial interest in him is becoming more genuine; her immediate resentment of Susan for being close to Elliot seems to be supplanted by the realization that Susan is her sister, as well.[8]

Ellen Edit

Diane met Ellen on Ellen's first day of school. She introduced herself before classes but was unimpressed with Ellen's reaction.[12] She learned that Ellen was Elliot's sister before the party in the Family Tree storyline, and immediately attempted to finagle an introduction to Elliot; Nanase saw through Diane and forced her to say she wanted to meet Susan as well.

Justin Edit

Diane was part of the gossip network outing Justin.[18] (She also features in background of another Justin flashback image[6]). She called Justin "defective"[19] because he won't buy her stuff and he'll scare away guys who would.[5] On the other hand, she might not even bother remembering his name:[12] while she may pretend it, it's possible "the gay guy with name starting with J" is only think she knows about him.

Rhea Edit

Rhea is Diane's adopted[20] sister.[21]

Rick Edit

Dan has suggested that Diane may hold resentment that Rick will never like her back,[7] based on her singling out Rick as someone to be saved[22] and them knowing each other for long time.[23]

Nanase Edit

Diane considers Nanase coolest person she ever met,[24] possibly because she's aware of her having magic.[25] She has frequently tried to get Nanase to sit with her and her friends, Lucy and Rhoda.[5] Charlotte thinks Diane has platonic woman-crush on Nanase ... at least she hopes it's platonic.[26]

Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Diane is not even close to awakening, but she has same or similar magical talent for summoning magic weapons as Susan have[27], making her a potential vampire hunter.[17]

Detective talent Edit

She seems good at deductive reasoning.[3][28][29]

Diane's mind Edit

Similarly to Susan's curiosity and logic, Diane have anthropomorphic personification of different sides of her personality. This time they ARE the traditional angel and devil,[30] although the devil is more jerk than really evil.

Diane's Car Edit

The car Diane drives in So a Date at the Mall seems to be a Chrysler PT Cruiser.[31]

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References Edit

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