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This timeline is based on information provided by El Goonish Shive's author, Dan Shive, and is intended to make it easier to get a sense of how both the plot and the characters have progressed since the comic started.[1] On February 2, 2010, Shive acknowledged the timeline in part 3 of the fourth in-comic Q&A session. In the commentary, he declared that, short of finding a flaw somewhere, he considers it canon.[2] By looking at the days given with the dates, one can conclude that the comic takes place in 2013, as this is the only year with the right approximate technology where, for instance, May 24th and March 29th are Fridays. 2002 has the correct day-date pairings, but the technology used in the comic isn't consistent with technology available at the time; this being a fictional universe, of course, it cannot be ruled out. 2019 also fits with the established days, but it is unlikely the technology levels would still match up. The only thing Dan himself will admit about which year the comic takes place in is that it is in the 21st century.[3]


Before StoryEdit

Date Weekday Description From To
More than 18 years before March 9 Original Grace Sciuridae dies in car crash; Dr. Sciuridae replaces male human donor DNA with DNA from his daughter in Grace's egg. EGS Comic for 2004-03-12 EGS Comic for 2004-03-12
Many years before the start of the comic Noriko continually checks Tedd's power level until Adrian tells her to stop scaring the child. EGS Comic for 2012-07-20 EGS Comic for 2012-07-20
2 years before March 10 Friday Terra and Magus duel, Magus is banished to the Spiritual plane of the Main Universe. Chaos gives DGB agents a cryptic warning about him. EGS Comic for 2007-01-01 EGS Comic for 2007-01-12
2 years before Spring of Junior Year Justin goes on a date with Melissa, but realizes that he's gay. He tells her and she, distraught, talks to her sister, who quickly spreads the word. Justin becomes ostracised and the victim of bullies. Elliot breaks up a fight, befriends him and introduces him to the Anime-Style Martial Arts dojo and Nanase. EGS Comic for 2006-06-21

EGS Comic for 2011-01-24
EGS Comic for 2011-02-14
EGS Comic for 2011-03-28





EGS Comic for 2006-06-28

EGS Comic for 2011-01-31
EGS Comic for 2011-02-16
EGS Comic for 2011-03-30

Summer after Freshman Year Susan and Nanase go on a school trip to France. Susan is attacked by an Aberration. Two Immortals Awaken Nanase and Mark Susan. Susan kills the Aberration. EGS Comic for 2010-05-19 EGS Comic for 2010-05-31
October 7 of previous year Sunday Eric yells at Sensei Greg and calls him a fraud. EGS Comic for 2010-08-18 EGS Comic for 2010-08-18

First Year of StoryEdit

Date Weekday Description From To
January 18 Friday The 'Get Sarah To Wear a Bikini Fund' is established. First shown use of Hammers. EGS Comic for 2002-01-24 EGS Comic for 2002-01-25
January 19 Saturday Amanda agrees to clean Dr.Germahn's desk with a toothbrush. EGS Comic for 2002-01-26 EGS Comic for 2002-01-26
January 20 Sunday Elliot and Tedd outside Moperville North. EGS Comic for 2002-01-27 EGS Comic for 2002-01-27
January 25 Friday Goo created, fought for the first time. EGS Comic for 2002-01-28 EGS Comic for 2002-02-10
January 26 Saturday Sarah, Tedd and Elliot go to the movies. Enter Grace. EGS Comic for 2002-02-11 EGS Comic for 2002-02-23
January 27 Sunday Elliot and Sarah meet Grace. Sarah and Grace go clothes shopping. EGS Comic for 2002-02-25
EGS Comic for 2002-03-15

EGS Comic for 2002-03-10
EGS Comic for 2002-03-25
January 28 Monday Elliot takes Sarah to martial arts class. Much awkwardness. EGS Comic for 2002-03-26 EGS Comic for 2002-05-24
January 29 Tuesday Sister begins: Tedd V5's Elliot. Elliot and Sarah officially start going out. EGS Comic for 2002-05-25 EGS Comic for 2002-06-18
January 30 Wednesday Elliot goes to School as Ellen. Elliot and Tedd travel to PTTAOLUTASF.
Ellen created. Abraham awakens from his statue.
EGS Comic for 2002-06-19
EGS Comic for 2008-05-26

EGS Comic for 2002-08-29
EGS Comic for 2008-05-30
January 31 Thursday The goo fight, and the resolution of "Sister" EGS Comic for 2002-08-30 EGS Comic for 2003-02-21
February 2 Saturday Flipping Cardboard: Justin and Nanase at the comic shop. EGS Comic for 2003-03-03 EGS Comic for 2003-03-12
February 7 Thursday Lady Mysterious EGS Comic for 2003-03-13 EGS Comic for 2003-03-31
March 1 Friday Night Out, Parts 2 and 3 EGS Comic for 2003-05-12 EGS Comic for 2003-08-05
March 2 Saturday Tam eh Tedd and Painted Black (Elliot learns Uryuomoco, Vladia turns human, Grace defeats Damien, Ellen gets the "Magical Nose Beep") EGS Comic for 2003-08-18 EGS Comic for 2004-07-02
March 3 Sunday End of Painted Black / Sleepy Time (Ellen begins her Second Life) EGS Comic for 2004-07-05 EGS Comic for 2004-10-20
March 4 Monday Red Alert, Magic Comic Shop and Not a Date at the Mall EGS Comic for 2004-10-22 EGS Comic for 2005-01-05
March 5 Tuesday Party Recruiting EGS Comic for 2005-01-07 EGS Comic for 2005-03-07
March 6 Wednesday School Uniforms announced. EGS Comic for 2005-03-09 EGS Comic for 2005-03-28
March 7 Thursday Susan and Nanase conspire. EGS Comic for 2005-03-30 EGS Comic for 2005-04-06
March 8 Friday Uniform pickup. EGS Comic for 2005-04-08 EGS Comic for 2005-04-23
March 9 Saturday Grace's Birthday Party. EGS Comic for 2005-04-25 EGS Comic for 2006-09-29
March 10 Sunday Aftershocks from Grace's Birthday Party. EGS Comic for 2007-01-15 EGS Comic for 2007-05-16
March 11 Monday Grace and Ellen's first day of school at Moperville South (and The Susan Pants Rebellion). EGS Comic for 2007-05-23 EGS Comic for 2008-05-23
March 12 Tuesday Sister II first half: Abraham arrives in Moperville, Elliot wakes up female, Tedd joins Susan's rebellion. Elliot fights the Bloodgrem, Magic and Awakenings explained. EGS Comic for 2008-06-02 EGS Comic for 2009-03-10
March 13 Wednesday Sister II second half: Nanase's makeover revealed, Abraham attacks Moperville South, Nanase gets burnt-out, uniform policy discontinued, the "Supernatural pin drop" occurs, drawing much media attention to Moperville. EGS Comic for 2009-03-12 EGS Comic for 2010-01-21
March 20 Wednesday T-Minus The Demon Ally EGS Comic for 2010-04-07 EGS Comic for 2010-04-09
March 21 Thursday T-Minus Dark Allegiance EGS Comic for 2010-08-09 EGS Comic for 2010-08-13
March 30 Saturday Indiana Elliot and the TOSF: Elliot and Tedd experiment with Elliot's powers. Ellen gets the copy spell. EGS Comic for 2010-03-01 EGS Comic for 2010-03-15
March 31 Sunday Indiana Elliot and the TOSF: Elliot ventures into Swedekea and meets Noah. EGS Comic for 2010-03-17 EGS Comic for 2010-04-05
April 1 Monday 3:59am - Hammerclorians: The Earthquake. EGS Comic for 2010-04-12 EGS Comic for 2010-04-12
April 2 Tuesday Hammerclorians: Susan and Catalina go to Salty Crackers Comics.
Elliot transforms into Sarah with mixed success.
EGS Comic for 2010-04-14 EGS Comic for 2010-04-26
April 3 Wednesday Hammerclorians: Sarah and Susan meet to plan the trip to check on the artifact, and decide they need Grace to come with them. EGS Comic for 2010-04-28 EGS Comic for 2010-04-28
April 4 Thursday Hammerclorians: Sarah, Susan, and Grace set off on their road trip. That night, Susan explains her powers, what happened in France, and discovers an unusual interaction of her spell with one of Nanase's fairy dolls. EGS Comic for 2010-04-30 EGS Comic for 2010-06-11
April 5 Friday Hammerclorians: Sarah, Susan, and Grace find the artifact and meet Jerry. Susan has an angst-triggered Awakening and regains the ability to summon the hammers as her first new spell. Jerry finds out about the France incident and pledges to help Susan, then completes his death. EGS Comic for 2010-06-14 EGS Comic for 2010-08-02
April 6 Saturday Hammerclorians: Susan and Nanase meet in Susan's bedroom to demonstrate Susan's fairy. EGS Comic for 2010-08-05 EGS Comic for 2010-08-05
April 7 Sunday New and Old Flames: Greg contemplates his teaching anime-style martial arts. EGS Comic for 2010-08-18 EGS Comic for 2010-08-18
April 8 Monday New and Old Flames: Elliot wakes up to find that his clothes transformed into a superheroine costume while he was sleeping. Sensei Greg tells the ASMA students that he is shutting down the dojo. EGS Comic for 2010-08-20 EGS Comic for 2010-09-03
April 9 Tuesday New and Old Flames: Elliot visits Justin at the comic shop, they fight the fire summon, and Elliot discovers his superheroine spell. The fight is recorded, and the videos go viral. Carol is revealed to be Sarah's sister. Arthur reveals magic is real on national television. EGS Comic for 2010-09-06 EGS Comic for 2010-12-17
April 10 Wednesday New and Old Flames: Rhoda changes her look. George deduces Elliot is the superheroine and pressures Justin to tell him more; Justin eventually decides to feign ignorance. Noah tells Elliot of Melissa's history. Elliot talks with Justin and then Ellen about it. Grace decides to train with Greg. EGS Comic for 2010-12-20 EGS Comic for 2011-02-28
April 11 Thursday New and Old Flames: Noah talks with Justin, but is distracted by an apparently invisible magical creature and later admonished by Raven for not completing his intended goal. George backs off from Justin when he learns Elliot isn't Justin's boyfriend. Justin contemplates Melissa. EGS Comic for 2010-12-28 EGS Comic for 2011-03-30
April 12 Friday New and Old Flames: Grace and Elliot find the summoner at the ASMA Dojo. Elliot chases the Bulldog Dragon to the comic shop. Noah fights it as the CLB, and it chases him to the dojo. Grace knocks Dex out, dismissing the summons. Carol interviews Party Elliot. Noah realizes who Grace is. EGS Comic for 2011-04-01 EGS Comic for 2011-06-22
April 13 Saturday New and Old Flames: Justin and George talk about Thursday and Friday's events. Elliot and Sarah talk about Elliot's party animal/socialite form. EGS Comic for 2011-06-23 EGS Comic for 2011-06-24
April 15 Monday New and Old Flames: Justin promises Noah that he won't reveal his being the CLB. Justin and Melissa discuss their relationship. Raven recalls his conversation with Noah on Friday regarding Friday's events and speculates on Pandora's plan. It is revealed that Justin has a magic mark. EGS Comic for 2011-06-27 EGS Comic for 2011-07-01
May 1 Wednesday One Way Road: Nanase and Ellen make plans for a movie date, but Gerald interrupts them. Grace proclaims her need for romance and decides to go on a double date with Nanase and Ellen. Nanase and Ellen are reluctant, but decide to go along. Grace tells Tedd they are going on a date on Friday. EGS Comic for 2011-08-02 EGS Comic for 2011-08-12
May 2 Thursday One Way Road: Tedd tells Elliot about the date and admits he is reluctant to spend time with Ellen and Nanase. Tedd talks to his dad about the date; Mrs. Kitsune orders Nanase to share her 'wisdom of relationships' with Tedd. EGS Comic for 2011-08-15 EGS Comic for 2011-08-19
May 3 Friday One Way Road: Tedd, Grace, Nanase, and Ellen go out on a date and meet Gary at the restaurant. They go to the bowling alley/arcade, and Ellen and Tedd have a talk alone. Tedd stands up to Gerald. EGS Comic for 2011-08-22 EGS Comic for 2011-10-07
May 4 Saturday Legends of Celida: Sarah and Susan play video games with Little Nase, Susan's fairy doll. Tedd is revealed to have a watch that can not only change his form, but his clothes as well. EGS Comic for 2011-10-10 EGS Comic for 2011-10-21
May 12 Sunday Death Sentence: Rhoda discovers overturned dirt in the park, is chased by a giant boar, and saved by Catalina. Ranger Simpson declares it will be destroyed when and if it is found. Raven offers to help save it. EGS Comic for 2011-10-24 EGS Comic for 2011-11-22
May 13 Monday Death Sentence: Grace tells Raven she wants to help him save the boar. Noah tells Raven that Grace is the one who defeated Damien, and Grace convinces Raven to take her to save the boar by proving that she can shapeshift and talk to animals. EGS Comic for 2011-11-24 EGS Comic for 2012-01-12
May 14 Tuesday Death Sentence: Grace and Raven attempt to save the boar, but fail when it prepares to attack Grace; Raven shoots it dead. Raven buys Grace an apology ice cream. Rhoda reads an article on the internet related to the boar's death, a magic mark is revealed to be on her back, and she is shown to be the person who enlarged the boar in the first place. EGS Comic for 2012-01-12 EGS Comic for 2012-02-10
May 24 Friday The End of Spring: Elliot and Sarah watch a movie set in Paris. Sarah expresses her desire to visit Paris; Elliot expresses his dislike of traveling. EGS Comic for 2012-03-05 EGS Comic for 2012-03-05
May 28 Tuesday The End of Spring: Matt Cohen asks Susan out, but she rejects him. Mr. and Mrs. Dunkel tell Ellen she can enjoy what is technically her first summer, but tell Elliot to get a job. Sarah asks Tedd if she can be his lab assistant. EGS Comic for 2012-03-06 EGS Comic for 2012-03-28
May 29 Wednesday The End of Spring: Susan mulls over her approach to dating; Elliot asks her about the possibility of working in the Video Rental Store. EGS Comic for 2012-03-30 EGS Comic for 2012-03-30
May 31 Friday What Is Love: Nanase and Ellen babysit Nanase's little sister, Akiko. Akiko expresses interest in lesbianism, but unlike her sister's this is deduced to probably be a phase (Akiko is 8). Nanase tells Ellen she wants to have kids some day and is open to using uryuom technology, but hesitant to involve Tedd to achieve it (for some blatantly obvious reasons). EGS Comic for 2012-02-13 EGS Comic for 2012-03-02
June 7 Friday Summer: Sarah dreams about having magic. She goes to Tedd's house and tests a watch. Elliot fails his job interview, but gets the job anyway because Susan tells Tensaided that Elliot knows Cheerleadra. Grace acquires a job working with Justin at the comic shop. Sarah and Tedd fiddle with Nanase's hair and Tedd reveals to Sarah that he's Magically Impaired. EGS Comic for 2012-04-02 EGS Comic for 2012-07-20
June 11 Tuesday Summer: Elliot's first day working at the video rental shop. Catalina reveals to Susan that she has a date, and Susan becomes lonely. EGS Comic for 2012-07-30 EGS Comic for 2012-08-07
June 13 Thursday Summer: Susan calls Sarah hoping to arrange a movie date but Sarah says she is busy. EGS Comic for 2012-08-09 EGS Comic for 2012-08-09
June 14 Friday Summer: Susan realizes she might have given Elliot some not-totally-correct advice concerning video rentals on the 11th, and they make a lunch date. Magickal Cards Tournament at the comic shop. Grace reveals she has never seen Star Wars; Justin challenges Tensaided for the right to borrow Tensaided's Star Wars Laser Discs. EGS Comic for 2012-08-10 EGS Comic for 2012-10-05
June 15 Saturday There Be Whales Here: Sarah turns into a Catgirl at Tedd's house, VOLUNTARILY. Susan and Elliot watch Citizen Kane and possibly a few other movies. Sarah reveals her relationship problems to Grace. EGS Comic for 2012-10-15 EGS Comic for 2012-11-23
June 17 Monday There Be Whales Here: Elliot and Susan argue about movies at work, driving customers to watch those movies. Susan tells Elliot to call Sarah. EGS Comic for 2012-11-26 EGS Comic for 2012-12-12
June 20 Thursday There Be Whales Here: Tedd discovers he can disenchant himself. Susan and Elliot watch movies, then film reviews for them. Nanase and Ellen chase a mall goblin. EGS Comic for 2012-12-14 EGS Comic for 2013-01-18
June 30 Sunday There Be Whales Here: Tedd uses his gauntlet to discover the "whale" in the basement; it telepathically tells him that there is an overabundance of background magic energy in Moperville that is gradually spreading out. Tedd is revealed to be a "far more dangerous rarity" than a spellcaster. Tedd vows to do something with the info the "whale" gave him. EGS Comic for 2013-01-21 EGS Comic for 2013-02-01
(Various times during the summer) Summer Moments

Comic for 2014-03-03

Comic for 2014-03-07

Six months after June 30 Unknown There Be Whales Here: Tedd shovels snow, vowing to take action about the spread of magic "any day now." EGS Comic for 2013-02-01 EGS Comic for 2013-02-01
December 23 Monday End of an Era: Justin, Susan, Elliot, and Tedd hang out in Tedd's basement. Ellen and Grace train with Greg. Sarah and Nanase discuss Sarah's simultaneous desires to break up with Elliot and remain friends with him. Ellen and Elliot talk about Elliot feeling like cheating when he watches movies without Susan as they go to bed. EGS Comic for 2013-02-04 EGS Comic for 2013-03-06
December 24 Tuesday End of an Era: Elliot dreams about a romantic scenario with DeannaTroy!Susan. Afterwards, Ellen and Elliot debate Elliot's relationship with Sarah. Grace, Tedd, Ellen, Elliot, and Sarah watch Die Hard (and possibly other Christmas-y movies) in Tedd's basement. EGS Comic for 2013-03-07 EGS Comic for 2013-03-21
December 26 Thursday End of an Era: Justin and Susan discuss Susan's feelings for Elliot, while Susan cuts off any debate of ever having a relationship with Elliot by comparing people who wait for relationships to break up to vultures. Meanwhile, Rhoda introduces Diane to Susan's and Elliot's review show as a means to pursue Elliot. Diane watches the reviews late into the night. EGS Comic for 2013-03-22 EGS Comic for 2013-03-29
December 27 Friday End of an Era: Elliot and Tedd play games together and discuss the nature of love; Elliot concludes that he and Sarah should break up, and that he has feelings for Susan. Sarah and Elliot meet at Elliot's house, and break up amicably. Susan and Sarah talk about the break-up at the video store while Elliot hangs out with Ellen in Party Form. As everyone sleeps, Diane schemes to make Elliot hers. EGS Comic for 2013-04-01 EGS Comic for 2013-04-29
December 31 Tuesday Family Tree: Ellen and Nanase go to a party at Rhea's apartment. Everyone but Nanase, Ellen, Charlotte, and Diane are mind-controlled and transformed to look like Nanase by a magical being. Nanase gets her magic back; Ellen and Nanase battle the magical being via Nanase's guardian form and burn out. Mr. Verres, government agents, Grace, and Elliot show up for mopping up after the battle, while Jerry watches from afar. EGS Comic for 2013-05-01 EGS Comic for 2013-09-04

Second Year of StoryEdit

Date Weekday Description From To
January 1 Wednesday Family Tree: Nanase is woken by her mother after the party, but does not reveal anything about what happened or her newfound knowledge on Noriko.

EGS Comic for 2013-09-05

EGS Comic for 2013-09-05

January 2 Thursday Family Tree: Nanase gets her magic back (again) and discusses how to handle lying to their friends with Ellen.
Squirrel Prophet: Tedd and Mr. Verres fight over public exposure to knowledge of magic.

EGS Comic for 2013-09-06
EGC Comic for 2014-03-10

EGS Comic for 2013-09-13
EGC Comic for 2014-03-11

January (Some day after the 2nd semester starts) Monday or Tuesday Identity: The group watches Elliot and Susan's latest review in which Sarah throws a couch.

EGS Comic for 2013-10-07

EGS Comic for 2013-10-11

January (Next day) Tuesday or Wednesday Identity: Rumours fly that Elliot is gay due to a comment on the video. To make up for spreading the rumour, Catalina kisses Elliot in the middle of the hall. Susan is approached by Tom. Elliot has sexy dreams and switches to male form after waking in the night.

EGS Comic for 2013-10-15

EGS Comic for 2013-12-17

January (Next day) Wednesday or Thursday Identity: At school, Elliot has an energy buildup and needs to transform; this is witnessed by Ashley. She warns him about Tom (her ex) trying to manipulate Susan in to asking him out. She admits to liking Elliot, who asks her out. Susan deals with Tom, whose manipulations didn't work. Elliot and Ashley go to warn Susan, to find out it wasn't necessary.

EGS Comic for 2013-12-18

EGS Comic for 2014-02-27

Some unspecified day during winter BEFORE Question Mark[4] Unknown Zombie Plans: As Susan, Sarah and Grace discuss zombie apocalypse survival strategies, Tensaided butts in and mentions that unless the government is ready to handle it there is really little hope of long-term survival. Susan calls Mr. Verres, who explains that real zombies don't work, and zombie-like things - such as outbreaks of mutant mind control fungus - are rare. During the call, we see Lavender place her tail around the shoulders of Mr. Verres, whereupon he ends the discussion quickly.

Comic for 2015-02-02

Comic for 2015-02-20

Later that week (possibly January 10) Friday Squirrel Prophet: Grace has a dream where she meets a wizard who is an emissary for magic. At school, Grace senses the magic marks on Rhoda and Justin. Later that day Justin holds the Friday Magickal card tournament at the comic book store: Tedd, Sarah, George, and Tensaided all compete, as well as new characters Luke, Larry, Rich, and Sam. Pandora appears lurking around Sarah and Tedd in the spirit world. Tedd is gifted with a magical mark that allows gender swapping. Luke is shown to have a mark that allows him to ascertain who has access to what level of power, but is temporarily blinded when he attempts to use it on Tedd. Tedd's in-born ability to see and intuitively understand magic is revealed. Sarah bonds with Sam, and they set up a "not NOT a date, but \...\ a thing that is happening" for next Friday. After the tournament, Justin talks magic with Luke and asks him out. Pandora, still invisible in the spirit world, reveals that she has removed Justin's magical mark.

EGS Comic for 2014-03-12

EGS Comic for 2015-02-11

The following day (possibly January 11) Saturday Playing with Dolls: Susan and Nanase visit Tedd's lab, to create an alternative Nase for Susan to summon. Nanase makes a Tedd doll to summon. Tedd accidentally reveals that there has been accidental nudity for himself, Sarah and Grace during experimentation with size changing and height changing.
Squirrel Prophet: During her daily routine check, Sarah finds a magical mark on her back.
Question Mark: Sarah tries to figure out what spells her magic mark has given her, and finds out (by accident) that she can simulate a time stop -- or perhaps rather, a drastic slowing down of time.
So A Date At The Mall: Elliot and Ashley go on their first date, at the mall food court.

Comic for 2014-08-01
EGS Comic for 2015-02-13
Comic for 2015-02-23
EGS Comic for 2015-03-02




Comic for 2015-01-19
EGS Comic for 2015-02-13

This timeline is incomplete: anyone willing to fill in the story from the above box to the present is welcome to do so.


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