"I won't tell anyone your boyfriend's Cheerleadra"
—George to Justin

George works at the comic book shop with Justin. He has a dislike of the Star Wars prequels, due to their inclusion of the explanation of the Force. His character was essentially created to lampshade the perceived needlessness of explaining the mechanic behind The Hammers. Before he had a name, he was called "Smartass with annoying tendency to be right".[5] He is named after George Lucas.[4] He seems to find Justin to be virile, likening him to a mack daddy pimp because Nanase, Ellen, Susan and most recently Catalina hang out with him, and calls them Justin's "harem".[4] He likes hanging out at the shop, but dislikes manning the counter. George knows that Elliot is Cheerleadra and that Justin is somehow involved. He was angry at Justin for not telling him Cheerleadra's secrets until he found out Elliot was not Justin's boyfriend. Dan says he resembles him, describing him as "sort of like a larger, rounder and hairier version of [himself] (who ironically has less facial hair than [him])".[6] He also has a secret attraction to Justin.[7][8]


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