20110720 2iE9-Justin Illusion

Justing showing illusion.

Illusions are type of magic in EGS. It is not thoroughly explained, but multiple main characters are able to make them.[1] Interesting is that they didn't needed any spell to create illusions: both Elliot and Justin was able to make them even before awakening.

Anime style martial arts illusions Edit

Illusions are apparently part of Anime style martial arts as taught at ASMA Dojo by Sensei Greg. Greg, Elliot[2], Justin and Nanase[3] all have limited illusory powers. They're mostly just used to make themselves look more awesome[1] - make their hands glow while punching and stuff like that.

Justin possibly shown the limit when frightening small child for mocking card game.[4] Nanase also changed her appearance when talking to Melissa, although in her case it could've been spell.[5]

Possibly illusion based spells Edit

  • Multi-Color Technique: Also known as "Mahoh no Supekutoru" (魔法のスペクトル Mahō no Supekutoru?, Magical Spectrum), a technique mastered by Nanase, which may[6] or may not[7] be an actual spell. It allows her to create illusions of herself while in battle.[8] The illusory duplicates are intangible and disappear in a puff of smoke upon contact, existing for the sole purpose of distracting or confusing an enemy.[9] Three of them can be created each in one of the colors of red, green, or blue. Nanase herself is colored whatever the complementary color to the active color or colors is, allowing her to pretend to be one of her illusory duplicates when two of them are active. Each color is associated with a particular personality:
    • Green - playful
    • Blue - "crybaby"
    • Red - violent

Tedd's explanation Edit

Only other informations we have are from Tedd's explanation comparing illusion and transformations as disguise.[10] He mentions that quick illusions are simple and people with minimal magic can do them, but illusions used as full-fledged disguise are harder and would have big energy upkeep, no matter if they are based on manipulating light or bending the truth.

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