This page lists all appearances of Sarah by form and comic section. The total value will not equal the sum of all forms if the character has ever appeared in more than one form within the same strip. This is to avoid double counting.

The links in the table go to categories containing transcript pages of all comics where that character was in that form in for each section. The category trees below the table provide an alternative way to browse the transcript pages.

Form Story EGS:NP Sketchbook Total
Female Tedd0202
Female Fox Tedd0101
Four-armed Female Fox Tedd0202
Total: 168
Sarah Appearances(3 C)
Normal: 150
Squirrel: 2
Dark: 4
Wizard: 2
Cat: 7
Tedd: 6
Female Tedd: 2
Female Fox Tedd: 1
Four-armed Female Fox Tedd: 2

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