Magickal Gatherings[1] is EGS universe equivalent of Magic: The Gathering trading card game. It was first referred as something Salty Crackers Comics sells in New and Old Friends[1], later we saw a game of it in Duel of the Discs[2] and finally whole tournament in Squirrel Prophet 2[3].

Name Edit

Originally, it was called just Magical Gatherings.[1] Later, Dan Shive changed the name to MagicKal[4] Gatherings, as visible in the new comment under that old strip.


Small referencesEdit

The game is first referred as something Salty Crackers Comics sells in New and Old Friends,[1] along with other card games like Yu-gi-oh.

Later Nanase mentioned that Justin shouldn't concern himself with the paradox of desiring to get to a state without desire before he frees himself from lesser desires like the desire for rare magical gathering cards.[5]

Duel of the DiscsEdit

Main topic of Duel of the Discs is a single game using the "Olde school" rules[6] Justin plays against Tensaided to allow Grace to see Star Wars first time in the original version. Grace imagines the duel as a real wizard fight, roleplaying so well that Tensaided was impressed.[7]

For most of the game, Justin is loosing, but at last moment - when down to a single card and a single life - he is able to win using a combination of Stompalope and Unstompable Stompede.

Squirrel Prophet TournamentEdit

Notable Cards Edit

Gargantuan Cannon Edit

Gargantuan Cannon: Pay one energy, activate: attack with a monster from your hand. That monster then dies because, well, cannon. Tensaided plays it after a series of sacrifices and uses as his main weapon.[8]

Stompalope Edit

Stompalope is an 8/8 stomper costing 6 energy.[9] Justin was able to cast it on his third turn in his duel with Mr. Tensaided.

Unstompable Stompede Edit

Unstompable Stompede is a spell which grants all monsters attack bonus equal to the attack bonus of player's strongest monster.[10] In Justin case, +8.

O.P. Aludrakrala Edit

1400235832-2014-05-16c043-burn-OP Aludrakrala

O.P. Aludrakrala is a card Sarah got[11] in the tournament. The name references Dracula/Alucard and, well, the overpoweredness of the card. It's flying vampire who can't be target of spells and gives all vampires (including himself) bonus to attack and health for every monster he kills.

Van Angelsting Edit

1414413235-announce 2014-10-27c149 eep-Van Angelsting

Van Angelsting is a card Sam used against Sarah's Aludrakrala.[12] It's 3/3 angel costing 5 energy. Flies, cannot be target of spells ... and it's immune to Vampires (Reduce all damage dealt to Van Angelsting by Vampires to 0.) It gets +1 to attack for each Vampire your opponent controls and gives +2 health to all angels you control (including himself).

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