"Wow. I am really desperate for a plan."
—Magus after deciding to amplify Ellen's desire for pepper

Magus is a human from an unspecified universe currently trapped in the spiritual plane of the Main Universe. He is first seen directly in the Grace's Birthday Party storyline, though his influence can be seen as far back as the first Sister arc. In the main universe, he is shown as a black silhouette with white eyes, but his human appearance is shown briefly in the beginning of Hidden Genesis. Magus' natural appearance varies from his spirit appearance only in that he doesn't appear shadowed. Initially, he worked together with the Immortal woman he would come to refer to as Chaos, believing that she would help him regain his physical form; however, she abandoned him when his conscience stopped him from following her orders. Magus somehow believes that intercepting one of Ellen's transformation beams when it connects with Elliot is the key to return to the physical plane.


Magus (human)

Magus, in his home universe.

Chronologically, Magus first affected the plot by using his abilities to amplify Tedd's anger, causing him to shoot Elliot with the Transformation Gun,[1] launching the Sister story arc. He may or may not have coerced Sirleck into bribing the security guard at the PTTAPUTASF, allowing for the creation of Ellen.

He apparently wasn't involved in the plot again until he appeared at Grace's birthday party. He once more used his amplification ability, though this time trying to get Ellen to fire her transformation beam at Elliot with him between them,[2] in an attempt to escape the spirit plane. He failed in this attempt, as Ellen changed targets at the last second, firing the beam at Tedd. He was then detected by the two French Immortals and fled, displaying an ability to split into multiple copies or create an illusion to that appearance.

Magus reappeared in Hidden Genesis, first having his human appearance revealed in a flashback,[3] wherein it was shown he was tricked into activating some sabotaged item during a duel with Terra, which launched him into the main universe. He was later shown speaking with Pandora (whom he referred to as "Chaos"[4]) and, after some discussion, Pandora sent Magus to follow and observe Ellen, which he was shown to be doing on a few occasions later in the Hidden Genesis and Sister II arcs.

During the later parts of Sister II, Magus attempted to divert Abraham's desire to kill Ellen by amplifying his guilt.[5] Whether or not Magus efforts assisted, Abraham surrendered to Nanase and recanted his belief that he needed to kill Ellen, but was blasted by Mr. Verres while agents Cranium and Wolf attempted to apprehend him. While Abraham was in this vulnerable state, Pandora ordered Magus to amplify Verres' anger so that he would kill Abraham.[6] Magus refused, and was punished quite thoroughly by Pandora as a result, ending with him being seemingly stranded in an isolated plane. She did finally told him her name, though - Pandora Chaos Raven.

He reappeared next in the T-Minus Dark Allegiance storyline,[7] where he visited the being revealed in the T-Minus The Demon Ally storyline. This being was revealed to be a body snatcher aberration by the name of Sirleck. Initially Sirleck refused to help Magus, but Magus revealed that he would bother him tirelessly if he did not listen to his plan, since he did not sleep, run out of breath, or have anything else to do, and also revealed that Sirleck could not harm him. Hearing this, Sirleck relented, and agreed to hear him out. Magus explained that once he had his body back, he would be a powerful wizard with the magical ability to turn straw into gold. After revealing no other mortal knows who he is, Sirleck agreed to help him get his body back.



  • Amplification: It has been mentioned by Magus that it can affect both abilities and emotions, but has so far he has only been shown amplifying emotion.
  • Decoys: Magus is shown producing a multitude of copies that all flee in separate directions to prevent the two French Immortals from being able to track him.
  • Technological Sabotage (Questionable): It is possible but unsubstantiated that Magus was involved in the malfunctioning of the Transformation Gun after it was used on Elliot in Sister, as it occurred immediately after his influence on Tedd, and was fully functional seconds before, when Tedd had just finished unjamming it.


  • Magus considers himself Ellen's father, and considers Elliot as her mother.
  • It is heavily implied that Sirleck is plotting to use Magus as a new host once he gets his body back.[8]


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