The Main Universe of EGS is the universe most prominently featured in the story comics. The majority of the characters live in this dimension. It is highly similar to earth, obviously excepting the sci-fi/fantasy elements added by Dan. The fourth wall is never broken with the exception of the Introduction storyline. (And the retconed-to-be-noncanon case of Matt and Rat.)

The Main Universe is supposed to have other half, which is technically same universe but for lot of practical purposes different universe.


Moperville is a generic American small town where all of the main characters live. Notable locations in Moperville, at least for the main characters, are Moperville North and Moperville South high schools, the Anime Style Martial Arts Dojo, the video rental store, the comic book shop, Swedekea, the movie theatre, the mall, and all of the characters' homes. For as unassuming as Moperville seems, the government has a fairly extensive task force in Moperville, run by Mr. Verres, to handle all "paranormal" situations (issues involving magic, uryuoms, and other dimensions).


Main article: Magic

Magic, or magic energy, is the source of almost all the "weirdness" in EGS, ranging from transformations to ki and explicit spellcasting. Aside from objects/individuals that inherently have magical abilities, individuals can learn to cast spells through a process known as "awakening". Technically, anyone in the EGS universe can potentially use magic; those who have not yet "awakened" but have shown magic potential are termed to be "dreaming". Despite the fact that most people in the main universe know nothing about magic (or other universes and species), the early humor device of girls accessing hammerspace is considered perfectly normal.

Extra speciesEdit

Aside from humans, Uryuoms (and thus Seyunolu) are also present in the main universe, as are Lespuko, though aside from Lespuko-hybrid Grace no lespuko have been directly seen in the comics (other than in one of Grace's dreams). Nioi and Kaoli might also represent a different species, though it has not been explicitly stated if this is the case, and what species they would be if this were true; it can be assumed that until this theory is proven fact that they are just magic using Roaisol Seyunolu. And then there's Jeremy (and Max), not to mention Raven.

Relationship to other universesEdit

Main article: Universes in EGS

Characters in the main universe are aware of, and have interacted with, both the Alpha Universe and Beta Universe. There is also a spiritual plane in the main universe where ephemeral beings (like Magus, the French Immortals, and Chaos) live; only a few characters (mostly in Mr. Verres' task force) are aware of this extra dimension.

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