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Moperville is the town somewhere in the American Midwest where Ellen, Elliot, Grace, Justin, Nanase, Sarah, Susan, and Tedd live with their families. The townsfolk know that weird stuff happens there, and since the events of Sister 2 the town has become a hot-spot for paranormal enthusiasts.

Known Buildings
  • ASMA Dojo and associated neighborhood:
    • Abortion Clinic
    • Adult Bookshop
    • Cigarette Store
    • Ice Cream Parlor
    • Strip Club
  • Bookstore (this is the bookstore where Nanase got the book seen in EGS:NP Comic for 2004-04-15 ("Magic Comic Shop - Part II"); considering the content of the book, it may be the same as the adult bookshop near the ASMA dojo)
  • Bowling Alley
  • Candy Store
  • Convenience Store
  • Family Restaurant (with trendy art on walls)
  • Gas station (with an exceptionally cleaned bathroom)
  • Grocery Store
  • Moperville Forest Preserve Visitor Center
  • Moperville North
  • Moperville Shopping Mall:
    • DVD Store
    • Hair Salon
    • Pizza Place
    • Teriaki Stand
  • Moperville South
  • Movie Theater
  • Salty Crackers Comics
  • Swedekea
  • Train Station
  • Video Rental Store


There is speculation that Moperville is based on Naperville, Illinois, based on the following facts: Naperville has two high schools (one which bears an uncanny resemblance to Moperville North: see talk page), a nearby river, a comic shop with a similar name to Salty Crackers Comics (Graham Crackers Comics) and other similarities to Moperville. If true, this suggests that Naperville is Dan's hometown and Naperville North his old high school.

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