PTTAOLUTASF (permanently misspelled PTTAPUTASF in the comic)[1][2] is an acronym for the "Paranormal Things That Are Of Little Use To Anyone Storage Facility." As the name implies, it is a building in which paranormal artifacts such as the Dewitchery Diamond are kept. It is first mentioned by Grace during "Sister, Part IV." [3]

PTTAOLUTASF is mentioned to be "a three hour trip by car" away from Moperville. The facility is so low-priority that there is only one elderly security guard that stays at the front of the building, and the windows don't even have glass; the building is so low priority that even Tedd apparently had enough security clearance there to enter it by just showing his ID. When Elliot went with Tedd, he had to climb through the window (since there was no glass, this was an easy task). They were caught by the security guard shortly after Ellen's departure, but were soon released after Mr. Verres came into contact with the guard.[4] Part of the reason Tedd and Elliot were allowed to enter so readily may have been due to Sirleck bribing the security guard.[5]


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