Part 1 - Open The Box: Comic for Friday, May 31, 2002

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Matt and Rat try to take over the comic.

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TeddComic? What comic?
RatOh, I’m sorry; you’re in the middle of some over-hyped, overly complex storyline and couldn’t possibly acknowledge the fact that this is a comic!
RatWell listen here, buddy. Matt and I were around long before you as the stars of Dan’s comic in his junior high school’s paper! My sidekick and I are therefore the rightful stars of any comic made thereafter!
MattWait, “sidekick”?! Dude the title was “Matt and Rat”! I had top billing!
RatOh please, you the star?! With your denim jacket?! Flannel is the way to go!
MattWell you have a big nose!!
RatYou’re a chubby little punk!!!
RatWait a minute—Dammit! Where’d they go?!
MattNoooo!!! Are we doomed to spend our days as cheesy minor characters?!
Mark Oh quit complaining! At least you guys get to be minor characters… I probably won’t even make the character chart!

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