Part 1 - Open The Box: Comic for Monday, Jun 3, 2002

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Nanase reveals that she isn't attracted to Elliot.

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Meanwhile, Justin and Nanase at Moperville South
JustinMan, Nanase, I still can’t believe you broke up with Elliot.
NanaseWell, I was going to break up with him anyway…
JustinReally? Why? You seemed so good together.
NanaseYeah, I know, but I’m just not physically attracted to him!
JustinWhat?! But you were all over him!
NanaseWell… You know how normally when you kiss a guy it’s because you’re attracted to him?
JustinI might be able to find out if I could actually find any other gay guys…
NanaseOh yeah, sorry… Anyway, it was more like I thought we’d be good together as boy and girlfriend, so I was making an effort to become attracted to him…?
JustinWait—You did everything you did with Elliot as a method of trying to become attracted to him, and it never worked?!
NanaseI wanted him to be the right guy, but I guess he wasn’t…
JustinMaybe guys aren’t for you?
JustinNothing! I said nothing!

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