Mr. Verres tells Tedd that Grace cannot get pregnant in her squirrel form. Tedd smiles involuntarily and continues smiling despite his father's admonishment.

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TeddGoing to school;bye.
Mr. VerresHold it son. I must inform you that I am to be away on business for a few days.
Mr. VerresYes, and while I'm gone I want there to be no fooling around between you and Shade Tail!
TeddWhat?! Are you talking about--Dad, we've never had--
Mr. VerresNor should you! Fool around with her in human form and she could get pregnant! That and you're too young anyway for such--
TeddWait, back up. Why specify her "human form"?
Mr. VerresOh, well the scientists who made her worried about that would result if she got pregnant while half- squirrel so they designed her so she couldn't get pregnant when transformed.
Mr. VerresStop smiling like that!!!
TeddI'd like to, but I can't.

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