Tony makes fun of Tedd.

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Moperville North

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1st Period: Drawing Intro Class
TeddI wonder where Elliot is...he's never late...
TonyYo girl, Wassup?! Where's your boyfriend at?!
TeddI'm not a girl and Elliot's not my boyfriend, Tony.
TonyYeah right, lady, ooh, whatcha drawing?
TeddNone of your business!!!
TonyWhat the hell is that? Some animal girl? You attracted to animals, woman?
TeddNo! She's not an animal!
TonyOh sorry, my bad...She's just some furry person with a tail, is that all?
TeddThere's a huge difference,
TonyDon't hurt yourself, lady! Sure there's a difference...hehe...freak.
TeddJust you wait, buddy. we'll see how quick you are to call me a girl after you become one...!!!

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