Susan and Sarah talks about men

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SusanYou have a talent for being sad when you should be mad, Sarah.
SarahHey, it's not his fault if he likes someone else.
SusanOh please, he was deceitful and cowardly. Typical male behavior
SarahIt's not typical for Elliot! This was really out of the ordinary for him!
SarahErgh! I don't know why I talk to you about things, Susan!
Theater ClerkHey baby, how'd you like to swing with this sexy cat come Friday night? Eh? Sexiness? Swing? Friday? Meow? Anything?
Thwack Thwack
SusanYou talk to me because I taught you how to use the hammers, and because you know I'm your hero.
SarahSure you are.
Theater Clerkow...

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