Tedd explains variant #5 and why Sarah is attracted to female Elliot.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Elliot's house

First Mention or Appearance OfEdit

Variant #5's pheromones


SarahElliot?! Is that you?!
ElliotSadly, yes.
Elliot hangs his head.
Sarah(thinking) What's going on? Elliot's a girl, so why am I still...
TeddRelax Sarah, you ain't gay. What you feel is variant #5 at work.
TeddYou see, all the forms on my TF gun have up to five variants. The cat form, for example has a striped variant along with a spotted variant, etc. Female variant #5, in addition to making the target female, enhances their pheromones effectively making the target attractive to anyone regardless of gender or sexual preference; the only real exception to this are blood relatives.
ElliotOk, first of all take your hand off my shoulder. Secondly, what are pheromones?
TeddLet me put this is simpler terms: you smell sexy.

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