Part 3 - Set Up The Pieces: Comic for Sunday, Jun 23, 2002

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Matt tries to dissuade Rat from asking "Ellen" out.

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Look who else is in the science class:
RatMan, Elliot's cousin is amazing...
Rat(off screen) You can't deny that she is, Matt. When I close my eyes she's all that I see... I'm going to ask her out the first chance I get!!!
MattOh for the love of-- Can't you at least pretend that you're aware you're in a comic strip?! Look at these complex computations I've made!!!
(in writing) Same classes, bogus story, same seats, hangs with Tedd
Matt(off screen) It is fairly obvious that this is all part of some twisted storyline that has Elliot turned into a girl, and that girl is Ellen!
Rat...So if I ask her out, I'm potentially asking out someone who is normally a guy and that guy just happens to be my comic rival?
MattProbably, yes!
RatEh, I'll take my chances.

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