Susan invites "Ellen" to sit with her and Sarah during lunch while Tedd excuses himself to work on Elliot's problem, and Susan tactlessly hits on "Ellen". This version is no longer canon, see also the new version.

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Tedd(thinking) Ack! The Hammer Queen! What does she want?!
SusanHi, you must be new here. How would you like to sit with me and my friend for lunch?
ElliotU-uh, yeah, my name's Ellen... Um, It's a nice offer but I was going to just sit with my friend Tedd for lunch today so...
TeddActually, I'll be in the library for most of lunch working on that little problem of yours so you should go ahead and sit with them.
Elliot(whispering) C'mon Tedd, you know I'm shy around most people...
Tedd(whispering) You'll be fine, dude.
TeddSee ya!
SusanWell, now that he's out of the way you might as well follow me, cutie.
ElliotY-yeah. I guess—wait, did you just call me cutie...?
SusanI'll call you whatever you want me to call you, honey.

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