Elliot has gotten Sensei Greg to watch over Grace, and decides to sleep on the way to PTTAPUTASF. (Also, the Playah got played.)

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TeddThis car of yours is freaking me out with it's(sic) bubbly shape and it's(sic) meters and junk in the center...
ElliotIt's cool like that. If I fall asleep don't wake me, alright? I didn't sleep well last night.
TeddI'm not surprised
TeddOf course I'll wake you when we get there though. ...Man, I really wish we didn't have to leave Grace behind.
ElliotDon't worry about it.
TeddBut what if something happens to her?!
ElliotRelax Tedd, I convinced a friend of mine to keep an eye on her.
TeddYou did? Who?
Sensei GregHour one of operation "Hide in Bushes". Current status? All Good!
Theater Clerk(In the bottom panel) Ack! Da Playah been played!!!
Susan(In the bottom panel) Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha haha...!!!
(An arrow points to TC) Still not actually happening

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