Tedd informs Elliot that Grace has come up with a plan.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Tedd's house
  • Elliot's House

First Mention or Appearance OfEdit


Around 4:00, Tedd's House (on Tedd & Grace's favorite sofa)
TeddHey Ellen--er, Elliot! I’ve got some good news! Grace was bored today inbetween reading up on advanced calculus and learning Japanese so she went ahead and did some work on your little problem and she just might have a solution!
TeddHuh? ...Yeah, apparently she teaches herself stuff while I'm at school. Anyway, we shouldn't talk about this particular solution over the phone, so come on over, ok?
TeddUm, Elliot, I'm hearing some sorta weird echo on your end... Wait a second...
ElliotNo Tedd, I'm not in the bathroom posing in front of the mirror. Don't be ridiculous!

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