Greg tries to explain why nudity is an issue and tries to connect with Grace.

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  • Tedd's house

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Grace...So what you're saying is that nothing is wrong with my body, just there are basically three parts of the female body that are expected to be covered or it's considered indecent?
Sensei GregBasically, yes. Although some people are offended by clothes that just barely cover those areas as well.
GraceArgh! That is so annoying! I guess come summer I'll be expected to wear clothes even on the hottest of days, huh? That sucks!
Sensei GregUm, yeah... You know, it's more than just a little strange that you didn't already know all of this... Are you from some other country or something?
Grace...Er, yes! I uh, only recently moved to this country!
Sensei GregNeat! What country are you from?
GraceW-why? You wanna see all the naked people?
Sensei GregSadly no, for alas it is my greatest of shames as an anime martial arts master that I am not an old man or a pervert!!!

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