Grace is playing with Tedd's glasses and Elliot finds out about the X-ray feature they have.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Tedd's house

First Mention or Appearance OfEdit


Elliot soon arrives at Tedd's house...
TeddHello Elliot. You look a little stressed...
ElliotWhy Tedd... You seem to be without your glasses... Could you... um... maybe put them back on?!
TeddOh, right, that whole bisexual thing... Last I saw Grace was playing with the features.
Elliot...what features?
TeddWell, in this case the X-ray specs feature, apparently...
GraceHee hee!
ElliotX-ray specs?! So with those glasses you can see through peoples(sic) clothes?! Um, maybe you should keep those things off...

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