Tedd and Elliot infiltrate PTTAPUTASF and locate the diamond.

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PTTAPUTASF, after much driving...
Elliot(whispering) Security guy any trouble?
Tedd(whispering) Nah, all I had to do was show my ID.
Tedd(whispering) He was surprised to get a visitor, though, especially this late.
Elliot(whispering) We had best get to that Dewitchery Diamond quickly...
Elliot(whispering, off screen) It's on the second floor, right Tedd?
Tedd(whispering, off screen) Yeah... Good thing too... Lots more light up there.
Before long...
Elliot(whispering) Dammit! There are so many boxes it could be in! This could take us forever!
Tedd(whispering) Unless it's not in a box... Look ahead!
The jewel sits on a pedestal ahead
Elliot(whispering) Well, that's disturbingly convenient

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