Elliot and Tedd wonder how Ellen will find her way home.

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ElliotOk, so basically what this journal tells us is that Ellen won't simply disappear when female variant #5 would have run out?
TeddYep, and that you could die a horrible, horrible death and Ellen would be just fine.
Elliot...Joy. Anyway, I wonder what she's going to do once she gets back to Moperville?
TeddIf she can even find her way back there. I mean, you didn't know the way here and you slept in the car, so she shouldn't know how to get home.
ElliotTrue, but you have to keep in mind that she is a woman and may consider tactics that we as men wouldn't even think of.
TeddLike what?
EllenExcuse me, I'm a little lost... Could you give me some directions?

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