Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Monday, Sep 23, 2002

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Tony misses picking on Tedd.

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Ellen walks through the halls at school
Tony(off screen) Ya know, I hate to admit it, but it gets really boring around here without that purple-haired clown to laugh at...
Tony's Friend(off screen) Is that right?
TonyOh yeah, things are a lot more fun when he's around to mess with. He's probably at home eyeballing the local wildlife. What a freak...
Tony's Friend(off screen) Why don't you give the poor guy a rest?
Tony"Give the poor guy a rest"? And you call yourself a football player. Hmph. Players like you explain why we lose all the time.
Tony's Friend(off screen) Being mean isn't a prerequisite to play football, Tony
TonyZa? (as he is grabbed from behind)
Tony's FriendAn excellent rebuttal; I'm certain you'll make Harvard.
Tony's FriendTony...?!
Tony's friend sees only a soda can, still mid-air.

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