Tedd and Elliot hitch a ride despite Elliot being in cat-form.

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Meanwhile, some ways away from Moperville:
TeddElliot, we need to do it this way.
TeddUp until a minute ago you could barely even breathe from running too much!
TeddI'm sure you'd be fine if you didn't have to carry me, but I'd like to get home too...
ElliotGrrr... I should at least turn back to normal if we're going to hitchhike...
TeddBad idea. Your running while carrying me and forcing yourself to move faster using your "ki" or whatever has left you too weak.
TeddIt could be dangerous using the belt... We might still get a ride.
TeddSee, What'd I tell ya?
Hedge takes a long look at Elliot
Hedge(thinking) Dammit!
HedgeIf you guys are headed anywhere other than Moperville, you're out of luck...

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