Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Friday, Oct 18, 2002

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Susan calls Nanase for help.

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Meanwhile, in the cafeteria that connects to the hallway that pesky goo is in*...
SusanPick up you red-headed weird-- Finally! It's Susan, ...Yeah I know you have caller ID... Because it's polite to introduce one's self on the phone! Now listen! There's a giant blob of goop attacking the school and I'm not properly equipped to deal with it. Can you get your slutty self over here and kindly kill it for me?
*Overly descriptive narration is your friend
SusanDo I sound like I'm joking?!?! This is serious! This thing could really hurt people! And I'd love to be able to stop it because that's just how kind and loving I am, but I can't so I need you to get off you ass and do it for me you stupid jerk!!!
Across town at Moperville South...
NanaseWhat a biz-atch...

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