Grace holds two of the claws as the others try to get in for the rescue. Sarah tells Grace she needs to transform, but Grace can't decide.

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GraceHurry! I-I've never done this before! I don't know how long I can keep it up!!!
SarahHuh? But...
JustinWe're trying to get to them!!!
SarahGrace, You've done this before! When that mugger was threatening us with a knife, you used telekinesis just like this to disarm him! Don't you remember?!
GraceW-wha..? N-no, I... I don't...
SarahWait--You passed out afterwards! It wasn't you transforming that made you faint, it must've been from this!
SarahThat would help explain why you don't remember!
Sarah(off screen) "But if you were to pass you now...!!!"
SarahGrace! If you have a better form for this, switch to it now!
GraceO-ok.. B-but... whi... which one do I...?
SarahIf you don't keep yourself from passing out Ellen and Nanase are going to die!!!
GraceI can't decide!!!

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