Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Wednesday, Nov 13, 2002

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Ellen blames the Goo for her existence.

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EllenGod damn you goo! You're the reason Grace found out about Tedd! It's your fault that he wanted to work on the gun at my house so she wouldn't see him as a girl!
EllenIt's your fault I exist! I've lost everything because of you!!!
The GooYour words are difficult to follow. I know not of what you speak...
The Goo...But it sounds like you blame me for the actions of others...
The GooIt is Tedd you should hate, not I.
Ellen@#%$ logic. I'm a female bisexual duplicate of Elliot, and I can shoot green rays of light from my hands, and I'm fighting a blob of goop. Logic has nothing to do with any of this.

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