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  • Tedd's house

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Ellen and Nanase notice each other's outfits.
Ellen and NanaseHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Ellen and NanaseHEY...!!!
Mr. VerresSo you see, my lad, the true moral behind the Battle of Trenton is that if you party too hardy, George Washington will kick your ass. Any questions?
TeddJust one.
TeddWhat did any of that have to do with you saying "Grace didn't die in that dimension"?!
Mr. VerresNot a thing. We should go upstairs; I think I heard Nanase arrive.
Tedd(off panel) Dammit dad, you can't just leave it at that! Poor Grace is frozen over there!!!
Mr. Verres(off panel) Oh, calm down already. I obviously wasn't talking about that Grace.
Elliot snaps his fingers at Grace. SNAP SNAP

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