Susan talks to Venus Ellen and convinces her to turn back into Ellen

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SusanWell... Good work, Ellen. You seem to have totally destroyed the Goo.
SusanYou look a little out of it, though... did that ray of yours do anything to you other than make you look different?
EllenI dunno... wanna sneak off somewhere and find out together?
SusanNot really, but you know what would REALLY turn me on? If you somehow went back to the way you were BEFORE.
EllenReally? Mmmmm... well, this might just make things worse, but let's see what happens when I zap my foot...
Ellen(*button* *adjust* *button*)
Ellen*Phew* thanks... for a minute there, I was really attracted to you...
SusanAh yes... a fate worse than death...

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