Justin and Nanase returns from Justin's house. Sarah is surprised by Nanase's outfit. Ellen is disturbed how she looks in Tedd's clothes.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Tedd's house

First Mention or Appearance OfEdit


SarahThat's probably Justin and Nanase...
SusanYou may as well let them in yourself... I'd do it, but I'm trapped.
Jeremy(sleeping in Susan's lap) ZZZ
SarahEh?! I mean, um... Hello!
Nanase is wearing a sweater, looking uncomfortable.
JustinHey Sarah. Something catch you by surprise?
SarahOh, I was just surprised by Nanase's outfit. It's... nice! Looks good! Really!
JustinHehe... It's the sort of thing her mom thinks she wears when out of the house...
NanaseCan we go inside? I feel a little exposed...
Meanwhile (Yep, she's still in the bathroom...)
Ellen is wearing Tedd's clothes, looking in the mirror.
EllenThis is so disturbing... I look like some sort of twisted Elliot/Tedd female hybrid...

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