Amanda explains the TF gun forms (Tedd will later retry in EGS Main Story Comic for 2009-12-15): The reason why some forms are available is that Tedd designed them (and sometimes Grace).

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AmandaPeople often ask why some forms available via the transformation (TF) gun are the way they are. The questions vary, but the answer is usually the same:
AmandaTedd's the one designing the forms.
Amanda(And sometimes Grace)
AmandaFemale variant #5 will make males busty females, modify female figures, grow longer hair, and will make anyone transformed by it about the same height. The hair, height and everything beyond "make them female" is a result of Tedd making the variant work that way.
AmandaVariant #1 for the male and female forms were not modified by Tedd, and people transformed by those will remain the same height, their hair length won't change, and their figure will be much more dependant on their own biology.
AmandaThe variants for the female form are mostly up to whoever designs them. Variants #2-4 could have any number of characteristics, and Tedd could completely change how #5 works if he so desired. #2-5 are relative to #1, so any changes to #1 would impact all 5.
AmandaThere's actually more we want to say about the forms of the TF gun, but we're out of space! So this Q&A is--
LisaAmanda, I'm pregnant with tour baby.
NarationTo be continued ...

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