Sensei Greg goes over rules for the match and starts them on the count of three.

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Sarah and Justin sit with their legs crossed
SarahCurse you and your flexible legs!
Sensei GregAlright, you know the rules! First to be held or down for 3 seconds, to give up or leave the mat loses!
Sensei GregI want a clean fight! Nanase, no magic and stay above the belt!
Sensei GregElliot, no summoning inner demons and stay away from her breasts!
SarahMagic and summoning inner demons?!
Sensei GregStart on 3! One, two…
Sensei Greg rushes back. ZOOM!!!
Sensei GregThree!
NanaseDon’t you dare go easy on me!
ElliotI wouldn’t worry about that!!!

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