A seyunolu (which translates from Uryuomoco as "chimera") is an individual born from a Uryuom egg that contains DNA besides Uryuom DNA.[1]

Roaisol SeyunoluEdit


A "lesser chimera" is born from a Uryuom egg that does not have any Uryuom DNA at all. Guineas and Hedge are examples of roaisol seyunolus.[1] Nioi and Kaoli are possibly roaisol seyunolus.

Tulougol SeyunoluEdit

A "greater chimera" is born from a Uryuom egg that contains both Uryuom and non-Uryuom DNA. Vlad and Grace are examples of tulougol seyunolus.[1]

Sexuality Edit

Greater chimeras are statistically more likely to be polyamorous, BUT also more likely to fall into the asexual spectrum.[2] Second universe Tedd commented that 40% of greater chimeras are non-sexual,[3] but still wants to hug and cuddle with friends.

Archie is example of an asexual greater chimera: his Uryuom side made him desire physical closeness with his friends, but he only started dating because cuddling started to be awkward without it.[4] Ellen has memories from her second life of being in relationship with him and pressuring him into sex,[5] but they broke up because of it.

Grace's sexuality is said to be mix of heterosexual and Uryuom.[6] It's hard to believe she still didn't have sex with Tedd, but technically the question is still open. The possibility of polyamory is also open...[2]



Among seyunolus, especially human/Uryuom tulougol seyunolus, there is belief in a prophecy about an individual, said to be powerful and a master of fire, who will come to unify the seyunolu outcasts of the world. Damien was created in hopes of fulfilling this prophecy;[7] this ultimately proved to not be true, at least for Damien. During Sleepy Time, Tedd's dream involves what is hinted to be the origin of Lord Tedd and features a silhouetted and shadowed self-proclaimed master of fire who may have existed or may still exist in the Alpha Universe.[8]


See AlsoEdit

  • The Lespuko, a genetic relative of the Uryuom

Notable Seyunolu Edit


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