Sarah and Elliot talk on the phone while Grace reads the newspaper in which Tedd is mentioned.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Elliot's house (first panel)
  • Sarah's house (second panel)
  • Unknown (third and fourth panels)


Saturday, 2PM
Elliot*snort* Hello?
Sarah(from a phone, to Elliot) Elliot! It's Sarah! You and Tedd are in todays paper!
Cut to Sarah reading a newspaper
SarahIt talks about how Tedd brought goo to life and how you destroyed it!
Elliot(phone) Well, yeah, some guys interviewed us. I guess to some people anything is news...
Cut to Grace reading a newspaper
Sarah(phone) You don't consider goo coming to life news?!
Elliot(phone) Not after some of the stuff I've seen at Tedd's house...
Grace(thinking) Could it be? Could... Could this "Tedd" help me???

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