Grace turns into her squirrel form.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In an alley outside the Mall

First Mention or Appearance OfEdit

  • Grace's Squirrel Form
  • Grace's Telekinesis


Several shots of Grace transforming into squirrel form.
Anonymous MuggerI don’t know what the hell you are, but I’m going to mess you up good little girl!
The knife is lifted from the mugger’s hand with a “vwoom…” sound.
Anonymous MuggerAAAAAAAA!!! Demon girl!!! Repent!!! Repent I say!!! AAAAAAA!!!
The knife drops with a “vwoosh…” sound.
GraceCatch… Me..
SarahUgh! How are you so heavy?!
Sarah(thinking) Tedd… I’m going to kill you for this…

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