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20100712 H3gJ-Jerry and spellbook

Jerry summoning (or conjuring?) Susan's spellbook.

Magic users use Spellbooks for finding out what new spells they get and details about the spells' workings. Spellbooks are very verbose,[1][2] so it can be hard to understand some details, but without spellbooks a person may completely miss getting a new spell.

Nanase reads her spellbook regularly[1][3], Elliot is known[4] for not doing so. Surprisingly, Susan also forgot to read it, as we found out in Playing With Dolls[5]. Presumably, she read it after Jerry gave it to her[6] after her awakening, but didn't look for anything new until the end of Playing with Dolls.

Spellbooks can easily be created and linked to a person by an immortal, but mortals can also create them - usually when they are wizard or using wand with necessary spell.[7]

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