This page lists jargon regarding how EGS is structured.

Arc See story arc.
Backgrounds A PayPal-donation incentive section which Dan was running some time ago, when EGS was still on Keenspot. The index pages were lost in the move to 910CMX, but the images can still be retrieved from an indexable directory at
Canon (noun), Canonical (adjective) In context of a fictional work, material officially considered part of the primary continuity. See Canon.
Date The date of a comic.
EGS:NP The El Goonish Shive NewsPaper, now labelled EGS:NP in the site navigation. Sometimes clipped to "NP". A section running parallel to Main Story, comprising a combination of canonical storylines, non-canonical storylines, Q&A lines and stand-alone or semi-standalone comics. Main article: NewsPaper.
Filler Literally material which is released to "fill" some sort of hiatus. In the context of EGS, an older name for Sketchbook.
ID A unique, not always sequential, number assigned to each comic within a section (it is not unique between sections) which is used for the current URL scheme. Not to be confused with the IDs used internally by the Ookii database, or with Number.
Main Story (or, Main Comic) The first and foremost section; visible on the home page which (with a few early exceptions, mostly predating EGS:NP) is almost entirely canon or Q&A. See also: List of main story arcs.
NewsPaper See EGS:NP.
Number Sometimes a reference to the ID, but other times referring to a comic's actual sequential number (which is not actually given on the EGS main site) - this is what it means when contrasted with ID. Also used in the formation "(date), number (n) of (total)", which distinguishes multiple comics posted on the same day to the same section (usually Sketchbook): here, "number" is out of the total posted on that day.
Pinups A Patreon incentive offered by Dan, starting late 2015, largely focused around fanservice. Are not hosted on the main site, but otherwise amounts to a section.
Section Such top-level groupings as Main Story, Sketchbook or EGS:NP. Unlike groupings within a section, sections cannot be set into an order with respect to each other, are browsed separately and are updated in parallel.
SB Abbreviation of Sketchbook.
Sketchbook A section used by Dan Shive for miscellanea which is neither main story nor EGS:NP. Main article: Sketchbook.
Story Refers to a story, or to the Main Story section.
Story arc Term used by Dan to mean a grouping of story lines. Sometimes also used by fans interchangeably with "story line", especially in the context of EGS:NP where this causes no ambiguity.
Story line A grouping of comics, which may or may not be grouped into a story arc, depending on the section.

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