Taurcanis Draco

Taurcanis Draco (broken Latin for "bulldog dragon") was a monster summoned by Dex while he was under the control of a then-unknown immortal. It initially appeared in Greg's dojo but broke through the roof and flew towards the comics shop, followed by Cheerleadra, where it aimed a blast of fire at a busy road. Cheerleadra intercepted the blast but was knocked unconscious, after which Melissa called the attention of Justin and Noah to the incident. Noah fought the Taurcanis until he broke its neck and it just snapped back, whereupon he realized he needed to go after the summoner instead. Whether this extreme regenerative ability is normal for the Taurcanis or given specifically by the summoner is unknown.

The Taurcanis Draco is described as "a small dragon, which is still about as big as a small car".[1] According to Melissa, "wings of that size flapping at that rate could not possibly support a creature of [its] bulk".[2] She used it as an unsuccessful attempt to invoke the rules of The Flight of Dragons, but unless the Draco is much lighter that it appears, it's true - and not unique to it: Just like other characters with wings, it is using some manner of levitation to keep itself aloft.[3]

First appearance - EGS Main Story Comic for 2011-04-18

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