Due to usual problems of webcomics time, the technology progress in EGS may occasionally look weird, no matter what year it is supposed to be set in, simply because time in EGS moves much slower, yet some stuff is influenced by real time.

Note that one possible explanation for that is that researchers are using information obtained from Uryuom to speed up the research.

See also: Time progress extremes

Phones Edit

The best example are phones: on start of comics, people are using land lines. Tedd worries that Elliot's phone is tapped.[1]

They apparently get cordless phones with base station later[2] and then real cellphones[3], although Susan is still worried about price of text messages.

Later, people start having phones with video capabilities.[4]

The phone Elliot as Cheerleadra merges with later apparently have GPS.[5]

That's a LOT of progress for ONE YEAR passed in timeline, isn't it?

Alternative explanation Edit

Note that if we think hard, we can make another explanation. Dunkels were poor, Tedd was affected by slow bureaucracy of DGB who took a while to develop secure enough smart phone and Susan had that plan because she wanted to prove herself and rejected much better phone her mother would give her.

Camera Edit

Prior to already mentioned phones with video capabilities, Sarah was showing her digital camera, boasting about it's 512MB card and gigabytes of space on computer.[6]

TV Edit

Susan's 64" widescreen TV with surround sound and DVD/VHS player[7] is big, but apparently CRT or maybe rear-projection TV, as Ellen wouldn't be able to sleep[8] on plasma and/or LCD ... of course, IF you have that big CRT, you may not hurry with upgrading either.

Hard to say if the widescreen Dunkels bought[9] is CRT or LCD ... the TV Tedd has in basement seems like CRT[10] but may not be new ... there seem to be flat display in basement later, though ...[11]

On a related note, the monitor Elliot has on computer IS flat.[12][13]

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