Elliot defeats the goo but forgets to call out pointless names.

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Elliot charges the goo and thrusts his fist in one of it's eyes while lighting the lighter
The GooSKREEE!!!
Elliot pulls his fist out of the eye and thrusts the lit lighter into it
The goo catches on fire
The goo explodes with a "BOOM"
TeddOk, I don't care if you did use the lighter to set it on fire: It blowing up is just ridiculous.
Elliot land head first on the ground with a "Thwump"
Elliot(Off screen except for raised fist) YES!!! I am the MAN!!!
ElliotI can't believe I pulled that off so perfectly!
TeddExcept you didn't give any of your attacks pointless Japanese names.
ElliotAigh! God Dammit! Son of a... Ergh!!! Can I get a do-over?