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Voltaire, prior to revelation of his name known as "the white immortal", "Colonel Sanders", "Illuminated", "The One Who Can't Be Dimmed", and various other references to his overlit first appearance[1], is an immortal who seem to actively oppose Pandora Chaos Raven.[2]

Motives Edit

Voltaire believes that immortals have "restricted [them]selves into impotence" with the restriction to guiding and empowering.[3] It is revealed in the fifth part of Sister 3 that Voltaire had intended to traumatise Tedd, whom he calls "the Seer", by killing Elliot.[4]

He wanted two things to change: first, that there should be magic reset making people defenseless, and that immortal law needs to be changed.[5]

First plan Edit

Voltaire claimed credit for "efforts with Dexter".[6] While his record about telling truth is not exactly stellar, it matches our other information and there doesn't seem to be anything he could gain from claiming credit without doing it.

The "effort with Dexter" is referring to at least "empowering and guiding"[7] Dex to summon the fire "people" and Taurcanis Draco and trying to kill Elliot and/or Noah with them. Presumably he is also source of the pendant (which bears the image of a pithos,[7] suggesting he tried to blame Pandora for it). He might've also marked Dex, or it could've been Pandora and he just used the opportunity.

Second plan Edit

The second strategy he tried consisted of misguiding Dame Tara while she searched for Andrea[1] making her so angry she attacked Elliot (in form of Cheerleadra)[2] when he finally told her where he is. When Ashley managed to stop Tara[8], he appeared on public[9] trying to keep her attacking by accusing Ashley of lying. This backfired: Tara was only believing him because Ancients on her half of universe never lied, but they also spoke in riddles, which he stopped doing in this hasty attempt.

While Tara tried to sort out her confusion, Helena appeared and directly shown how Immortals can lie without any problems.[10] Tara apologized to Elliot and forced Voltaire away. In his last words, Voltaire addressed Elliot as Elliot Dunkel, therefore "unmasking" Cheerleadra before big audience which assembled meanwhile (although not everyone believed him).

Third plan Edit

After griffins left, Voltaire commented that his plan A failed[11] and that he needs to try plan CM (as complicated mess). This plan apparently involves informing Sirleck (through Abner the magic savvy private investigator) that Helena and Demetrius no longer watches Elliot full-time.[12]

However, later he commented that Tedd was successfully traumatized even without killing Elliot and counted it as "still plan A".[13]

Alternatively, plan CM might've been that he also told Sirleck that Adrian Raven is Helena and Demetrius's child,[14] which made Sirleck prepare "big" vampire attack at Moperville.[15] Apparently it involved six vampires,[16] which almost wasn't enough but one of them managed to shot at Adrian.[17] As Voltaire predicted, Pandora Raven reacted by breaking immortal law - in fact, her reaction was probably even bigger than Voltaire expected.[5]

Plan A Conclusion Edit

His plan to hide magic by reset failed: After visit from Pandora,[18] Tedd felt much better and successfully convinced Magic that big change is not needed.[19] However, he should be glad she did ; instead of few seers he expected, true number would be around thousand,[20] meaning after magic reset magic would probably go public even FASTER than without reset.

Note: Voltaire could get rid of Tedd much safely if he just sabotage his eligibility by telling him about second purpose.[21] It's quite likely he wasn't aware of this option.[22]

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